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Greetings to All North Carolina Magicians,
Magic Enthusiasts and Fans!

I am Skip Way.  It is my  honor to serve as the International Brotherhood of Magician's Territorial Vice President for North Carolina.

As North Carolina's T.V.P., I will do my best to serve all Old North State Magicians.  I am here to help you find answers for your questions, forward suggestions, and assist you in resolving magic and membership issues.

I promise to answer your inquiries promptly, so please feel free to contact me at anytime with the email link below.

I am honored to serve as the International T.V.P. Nomination/Ring Counselor and Ring Coordinator.  My home Ring in Raleigh is home to a vibrant and growing I.B.M. Youth program. Our pilot program is busy mentoring many fine young magicians between the ages of 7 through 17 on the ethics, history and performance skills associated with our wonderful art. I plan to introduce this program to the other wonderful Rings across this great state. If your Ring is interested in forming an I.B.M. Youth club, I will do all I can to help.

This website is your social bridge connecting our dedicated local Rings and unaffiliated associate members to the leadership of the I.B.M.. 

The growth of magic as a serious performance art within the Old North State depends on you.  Send me your news articles, event listings, lectures, performance notices and monthly Ring Reports to share with other Rings.  Submit a Parade feature for The Linking Ring.  Write a feature article on a topic that feeds your passion for our art. Let me know when new members join your Ring so that I can personally welcome them. 

Together, we can attract new members to our local Rings, create new Rings across the state and expand the services and opportunities that our members enjoy. 

Please make this website a regular stop for the latest in North Carolina magic news, special events, lectures and more.

                             Your suggestions are always welcome!


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