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I.B.M. Youth in North Carolina

I.B.M. Youth programs provide budding young magicians with hands-on training and guidance in the theatrical art of magic.

Membership in the I.B.M. Youth program is open to any youth between the ages of 7 through 17 years with a serious interest in the performance art of magic. Parents are always welcome and are encouraged to attend and participate.

The structure of each local youth program is governed by the sponsoring Ring. However, specific protection and safety policies established by the international program are mandatory and must be enforced. These policies protect the Ring, the adult volunteers and the youth members.

The I.B.M. Youth Program has five basic goals: 

  • To educate young magicians on magic ethics, history and performance skills of the international magic community.
  • To provide a safe and professional mentoring association between skilled adults and youth members.
  • To promote positive self-esteem and confidence among serious young magicians.
  • To sculpt our magical youth into adults who will honor the fraternal traditions of the I.B.M..
  • To project a community awareness of magic as a valued theatrical art and community service.

Through sponsoring Rings, I.B.M. Youth provides experienced adult mentors to provide hands-on instruction in the various magic and performance skills.  Each mentor shares his or her passion for our cherished art with the younger generation. The program focuses on:  

  º  Leadership Skills                  º  Magic History

  º  Self-Confidence                    º  Professional Ethics

  º  Public Performance Skills        º Performance Experience

  º Theatrical Techniques            º  Comedic & Dramatic Skills

                                            And More!

Is I.B.M. Youth a Secret Society?

I.B.M. Youth is not a secret society, however, we do protect the secrets of our craft. We believe that revealing a magic secret reduces the beauty of a hard-worked magic effect into a baseless puzzle with no true charm or entertainment value. Our students understand that the beauty of magic is bound in her secrets.

International Youth Membership

I.B.M. Youth membership is $15.00 per year (without The Linking Ring subscription) or $35.00 per year (with The Linking Ring subscription)

The Linking Ring is the outstanding monthly I.B.M. journal. This beautiful magazine is filled with magic news, history, tips, effects and more; well worth the extra $20 subscription rate.

Local Rings may also charge an additional nominal membership fee to cover lesson materials and activities.

If you're interested in forming an I.B.M. Youth program in your town, we can help!  Let us show you just how easy and rewarding this fantastic youth program can be!

Don't Wait!  Let us show you how to start your
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Master illusionist and Triangle entrepreneur Jeff Jones introduced the art of illusion to Magic Youth Raleigh magicians on February 2nd. 

Jeff lectured nine members and three guests on the basic theories and concepts behind presenting full scale illusions on stage.  As emphasis, Jeff demonstrated his stagecraft with the Modern Art Zig-Zag cabinet and the Electric Lady light bulb penetration.

All youth members took turns performing the roles of Illusionist and Assistant.  Emphasis was placed on presentation, choreography, redirection, stage presence, applause cues, safeguarding the secret and reinforcing the magic.

Magic Youth Raleigh members are working towards a holiday magic showcase featuring all youth magicians for November.  The showcase will benefit Toys for Tots and Coats for Kids charities.

Magic Youth Raleigh and I.B.M. Ring #199 are very grateful to Jeff Jones and his companies, Discover The Magic and, for this gracious assistance and generous support of these programs. 

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