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The International Brotherhood of Magicians

The International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.) was founded in 1922 as a correspondence club for magicians who were unable to attend magic club meetings.  The organization has since grown into a full-service organization serving more than 15,000 members and nearly 400 Rings in 33 different countries.

The I.B.M. is a nonprofit organization led and managed by volunteers from around the world. These international contributors are involved solely through their love for the magical arts.

Around the world, magicians, magic enthusiasts and hobbyists volunteer countless hours to conduct local Ring business and magic meetings, perform in Ring sponsored benefit shows and promote the art of magic as a true performance art. 

Many magicians visit hospitals, occupational therapy facilities and senior centers with beneficial programs such as David Copperfield's Project Magic, Jeff Jones' The Gift of Magic, and Kevin & Cindy Spencers' Healing of Magic. These non-profit programs encourage magicians and occupational therapists to work together to teach magic to physically-
challenged patients as an aid to rehabilitation. Learning magic helps develop dexterity skills and builds self-esteem and confidence.

I.B.M. members are also busy mentoring the next generation of magical entertainers  Through I.B.M. Youth, countless young magic enthusiasts are learning the history, ethics and theatrical sciences of our performance art.  Through our adult volunteers, these young magi are provided with cherished opportunities to personally meet the legends of magic, perform before live audiences and perfect the skills that enhance self-confidence and a deep personal pride.

Membership in the I.B.M. and participation in local Ring activities delivers great member benefits, including: 

The Linking Ring  -  The I.B.M.'s beautiful and informative journal is delivered to your door each month. 

Linking Ring Online  -  Subscribers may download a digital version of The Linking Ring onto most tablets for total reading convenience - at no additional cost!

Reduced Rate for The Linking Ring Collection (1922-2006)  -  Members can buy the  exclusive The Linking Ring Collection; digital archives of this invaluable journal including volumes from 1923 through 2007! The digital archives are available on CD-ROM and online. Each archive is readily searchable. Unlimited access to a fantastic library of magic from the top magicians of their day at a members-only price!

• Fellowship and support of 250 Local Clubs (Rings) in 73 countries  -  Local I.B.M. magic clubs,  called "Rings," may be found across the United States, and in 73 countries. I.B.M. members are never far from new friends and magical fellowship when traveling.  

• World-class Annual International Magic Convention  -  Members receive a special registration rate and access to the annual I.B.M. convention.  From big name performers, lecturers, dealers, stage shows and contests, the I.B.M. Convention is the best value around! 

• Online Ring 2100 -  Members can join the worldwide online Ring #2100 and share your magic tips, suggestions and questions with the world's top performers.

• Free Web Page for Individual Members  -  Members can build their own free 5-Page Website.  The Portal Wizards have made it so easy to do you will be amazed. 

• Programs designed especially for our Youth Members  -  Local Rings, Territories and the Convention all offer an every growing opportunity for young magicians to experience the fraternal benefits and privileges of membership. 

• Quality I.B.M. Apparel and Merchandise  -  Visit the online I.B.M. shop and display your colors with pride! Clothing, briefcases, desk sets, key rings, pen sets, plaques and more!

• Distinctive Credit Card that benefits the Magical Arts (U.S. Members only)
Receive your magic-themes VISA credit card and earn points toward the purchase of magic from their catalog of gifts, including I.B.M. regalia, magic books and apparatus.

• Affordable Performers' Liability Insurance (U.S. and Canadian Members Only) Sign up for affordable performer's liability insurance through a blanket I.B.M. policy running from August 15th of this year to August 15th of the following year.  Coverage includes $1,000,000
per occurrence and $2,000,000 per event aggregate from a national insurance broker. Don't do a show without it!

Whether you're a performer, a collector or just a great fan of magic, find a Ring near you and arrange a visit.  You'll be glad you did!

Want to Join? If you would like to join and can't find a Ring near you, please let us know.  There are several options available to you and it is my pleasure to help our sort through them.

Current membership information and applications can be found on the organization's website at Sign up Today!

Want to Start a Ring Near You? It only takes ten (10) I.B.M. Active Members to form an I.B.M. Ring in your North Carolina hometown. If you would like help in forming a local Ring, please let us know. We may be able to help you connect with other magicians in your area!

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